The smartphone will alert before the earthquake

Smartphone maker company Shaomi Beijing announced at the developers conference that they are bringing the ‘Earthquake Warning’ feature. The company has already updated MIU 11 and S in some places in China with this feature. Soon this update will be given to the rest of China as well. The company has said that this feature will be offered not only on their smartphones but also on smart TVs.

This feature will alert the user 10 seconds before the earthquake so that it can reach a safe place before the earthquake. Although 10 seconds is short, Shaomi deserves a compliment for the feature she brings. This feature will also provide emergency shelter, emergency contact details, medical contact and rescue information.

Currently, this feature is limited to China. However, Xiaomi will also bring this feature to foreign countries. Talking to various companies for this. It is not known exactly when this feature will be offered in all countries.

In addition to bringing new features, the company has launched MI Reader. This eBook reader has a 6-inch e-ink display with 212 pixels per square inch. This eBook reader will run on Android 8.1 Oreo and will have 20 display settings.