Padma Bridge is now 2.5 km visible

If all goes well, today will be the 17th span of the Padma Bridge. Visible more than 2.5 kilometers. The project manager said work was under way to make dredging. For this the project is lagging behind.

Many variants of Padma. Time and nature change so the appearance of the river. Setting up the last 16th span was not too much of a hassle. However, it took 8 days for the 15th span to occur due to some unexpected problems. Span had to be floated in a river by a crane. Nightly dredging had to be removed by the river bed. After the closure of the river for about 3 and a half months, the flow of the river was reduced and in October, the plan was to install 3-4 spans. Only one can be installed.

After preparing for the 16th span, all the equipment had to be removed due to the cyclone bulb.

There are 16 spans located on the river. There are 17 more Spans arriving from China, with 5 more ready to be deployed. Of the 42 pillars on the bridge, 32 are now fully ready.