Onion is getting in 45 Tk

Onion prices are constantly increasing. Onion retail is now being sold at retail prices of 110 to 150 Tk. The general public, including Creta, reacted angrily to this.

Meanwhile, the Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB) is selling onions in the capital at a rate of Tk 45 per head. Hour after hour, the common people are buying onions standing in long lines.

On Monday afternoon, TCB was selling onions in a truck in front of the National Press Club at noon. It is seen that there are long rows of people to buy onions. Onions stand in line for about an hour.

Jasim Uddin bought the onion for an hour. “There has been no problem other than standing in line for a long time,” he said. Onions are being bought at the rate of Tk 45 per kg. But they are taking Tk 100 for taking two kg of onion. But you are giving some more onions than two kg. ‘

TCB spokesman said. Humayun Kabir said onions were being sold at a fair price in 35 trucks in various places of the capital to control the onion prices. A dealer is selling 1000 kg (one ton) of onions per day for 45 bucks.