How to earn with facebook viewpoint app?

Facebook brings popular social media application to users. Users can also earn from this Market Research App called ‘Viewpoints’. Users will be able to take part in the survey on Well Being with the app. Each time it takes users 15 minutes to take a survey. It will get 1000 points. For this point, Facebook will pay $ 5.

Thus, $ 600 will be available if you take the survey year-round. After receiving the points, users will receive payment through PayPal. To use the app you have to give name, address, country, date of birth and location. Facebook said the information would not be sold to any third-party company.

Currently, only US citizens can download and use the iOS and Android platforms. Facebook will launch it for other countries from next year.

Viewpoints product manager Erez Naveh says, I will not sell the information taken through the app to third parties. Without permission, I will not publish on Facebook or anywhere else. Users can also cancel participation at any time.