Uber’s license revoked in London

Uber’s license has been revoked in London. At the same time, the authorities forbade all their activities. The Transport for London (TFL) has confirmed the move to violate the security policy.

TFL authorities said they were not being given a new license to operate the company (Uber) in the capital. This is because we have identified issues that violate some of the transportation safety policies that threaten passengers and their safety.

The BBC said the decision to cancel Uber’s license to operate in London was first made in 2017. But after requesting that the company increase the quality of their service, they were again extended the operation to 15 months. But they failed to prove themselves fit.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said in a statement: “I know there are many people who use Uber. They may have been two-dimensional in that decision. But to us, the safety of them (passengers) is the most important thing. These rules must be kept in mind for the safety of the passengers. ‘

Meanwhile, Uber authorities have said that such measures have been taken even after we have complied with all passenger safety rules. Uber has announced its appeal against TFL’s decision.