The benefits will be available on e-passport

E-passport will be available from next December. Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal said this after answering a question to reporters after a meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs at the Secretariat last Wednesday. He said a German company is working to implement the e-passport.

It is reported that citizens of 119 countries on the world use e-passports. Bangladesh is going to be associated with those countries. The e-passport will have the same type of book as the passport readable on the current machine. However, at the beginning of the passport book, there are two pages containing information about the person, the e-passport will not be there. There will be a card made of polymer. The passport carrier information will be stored on the chip stored on this card.

The passport department sources said that e-passport will have 38 types of security features. The information currently on the MRP data page will be transferred to the e-passport. The expiration date of this e-passport will be 5 and 10 years.

Besides, the passport department said that the MRP passport will not be canceled if the e-passport is launched. Besides, no new MRP passport will be issued to anyone. Those whose MRP will expire will have to get an e-passport to renew. Thus, the MRP passport will be withdrawn periodically.

According to multiple sources, the project is being implemented at the fastest time with the personal initiative of the Prime Minister. Following the inauguration of Passport Services Week on April 24, 2016, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina announced the e-passport issuance. The passport and departure departments are then completed at the fastest time, starting from making project proposals (DIPs).

According to sources, the MRP books that are being issued from the passport department have started to be forged. Recently some such MRPs have been detected in Malaysia and Thailand. While the existing MRP has 38 security features, most of it is possible to be forged. But it will not be possible to fake the polycarbonate data page of the e-passport book. There are 42 security features in the e-passport.