Which smartphone is most popular in a country?

Samsung sells most of the world’s smartphones. However, Samsung is not the same in all countries. Besides, many top smartphone makers have been beside their name for a long time. Let’s not know which smartphones are most popular in a country-

United States: The people of the United States are confident in domestic products. Apple is the best smartphone market in the country. Then there are Samsung and Motorola.

UK: Apple’s position in the UK is top. Samsung, Huawei and Alcatel are behind Apple.

Canada: Apple is a very popular smartphone in Canada. Huawei is in second place.

China: People in China prefer domestic products. Therefore, the Chinese company Huawei is at the top. The second and third positions are Vivo and Opo.

Russia: Huawei is the most popular in Russia. After that, Samsung and Apple.

Australia: Samsung wins Australian hearts Apple and Huawei are second and third, respectively.

Thailand: Most smartphones are sold in Thailand. Next is Apple and Samsung.

Pakistan: Samsung is at the top in Pakistan. Also on the top list are Huawei, Apo, Qumobile and Motorola.

Bangladesh: Samsung is one of the best smartphone brand in the world. The smartphone of this brand is also at the top of the popularity in Bangladesh. Then came the positions of Shaomi, Walton and Symphony.