Vegetable prices are rising in Bogra market

After a two-day transport strike, prices of vegetables have started to rise again in the wholesale market of Bogra. Farmers say, today, prices have got better as compared to last two days.

On Wednesday, the farmers were forced to sell copies, mula, eggplant, garlic, barber in half the price of vegetables in the wholesale market of transport strike. Farmers happy about the good prices of vegetables due to strike withdrawal.

One farmer said, “I am getting better vegetable prices today than yesterday.” And I have been getting good vegetables in the morning. I am selling copy gems at a price of Rs.

Due to the strike yesterday, the shopkeepers were buying more vegetables because they could not buy vegetables yesterday. The price was too high. Traders demanded to set up a cold storage of vegetables in the area. One buyer said that flower copies are being bought for Tk 1400 per gallon.

In the market today, cauliflower is 50 Tk per kg, mula and eggplant 25 Tk. The leaf onions are sold at Tk 65 and Lau antipersis at 30 to 40 Tk.