The Facebook logo is changing soon

With a Facebook logo, it was not possible to properly depict the entire organization. Because Facebook is not alone. There are various organizations like WhatsApp, Instagram, Oculus, Portal, Calibra. That’s why Facebook’s logo is changing. The new Facebook logo will be seen in various marketing products and services along with Facebook.

On Monday (November 4), Facebook unveiled the new logo as a parent company in their newsroom. In this Facebook logo, only the word Facebook is highlighted in a generic font. It is designed so that credit card placement can be done properly. A GIF made with the logo uses a few colors, such as Facebook with blue, WhatsApp with green and Instagram with pink.

In their blog post on Facebook, they said, they started out as an app. After 15 years, the number of Facebook products and services has increased. Different businesses have been created here. They are changing the brand logo to give a clearer idea of ​​Facebook products.