Piles can be happen when using the mobile in toilet !

Although many refuse, it is true that many use mobile phones while sitting in the toilet. A recent study also found that 57 percent of British use mobile phones in toilets and 8 percent say they use them all the time.

But doctors say that if someone uses a mobile phone in the toilet. But it can have dire consequences for that person. Because of this, the probability of being attacked by his pilots is often increased.

Patient Dot Infor Clinical Director Dr. Sara Jarvis said that because of the use of mobile phones, you stay in the toilet for a long time, which is why you may be infected with piles.

The longer you use the mobile phone in the toilet, the longer you stay in it. This causes pressure on the veins and anus, which is one of the causes of piles.

To reduce the risk of being infected with these piles, Dr advised not to use mobile phones in the toilet. Sarah