Nepal-Philippines will take services from Bangabandhu satellite

So long as dollars used to get out of the country for satellite use. The Bangabandhu satellite is turning the situation in the opposite direction. Meanwhile, a DTH company in Nepal has almost ended talks to buy capacities from the country’s only satellite. They will buy five transponders of Bangabandhu Satellai-1.

Bangladesh Communications Satellite Company Limited (BCSCL) has said it is now finalizing the bid after all discussions.

Nepal does not have its own satellite. At least four satellites are serving at the same time in the mountainous country. As a result, the issue has become very important there, BCSCL officials said. Capacity may be sold in Nepal at a lower price than the Bangabandhu Satellite Capacity they are selling in Bangladesh.

It is said that the government company is going to compete in the competition to capture the market. BCSCL is selling the televisions in the country at a price of $ 3,000 per megahertz per month. But in Nepal, the satellite capacities of the two thousand dollars are matched. So, to compete, a BCSCL official said there must be a price reduction.

Earlier, Bangladesh Television used to buy capacities from Star Alliance for about $ 4,000. Beyond that, a company is negotiating to buy at least four transponder capacities or 144 MHz bandwidth from the Philippines. The satellite print footprint of 119.1 degrees east of Bangabandhu is favored by neighboring countries like the Philippines. The government has also set up a landing station targeting the markets of the neighboring countries, including the Philippines.

Concerned that there are at least seven satellite businesses in the Philippines. Because of that, there is more competition in prices. Meanwhile, BCSCL chairman said. Shahjahan Mahmud told reporters that there was a lot of demand for satellite capacities within the country. That is why they are taking the country market seriously.

Earlier, half of the total capacity of the satellite was planned to be sold in various markets outside the country, but now they are coming back a bit, said Shahjahan Mahmood. Bangabandhu Satellite-1 has a total capacity of 40 transponders. Out of that, sales in the country have already increased by 26 percent. From this, the revenue of BCSCL is more than Tk 10 crore.