Whatever you do when sleep is low

Now the more you hear, the less sleep. Some do not sleep again due to insomnia problems. As a result, it has an impact on the next day’s work. So know what to do if your sleep is low.

Hot and cold baths: You can take a slightly different approach to wake up in the morning if you have less sleep. If you do not have time to take a bath, give a frost of cold water to the mouth It will also sleep.

Oxygen: When sleep is low at night, the brain needs more oxygen to keep you awake. Special exercises can provide extra oxygen to the brain. Learn the procedure.

Lie on the floor or on any parallel. Place one hand along the stomach and the other hand in the chest.
Take a deep breath with your nose and try to feel it with your hands held in your stomach.

Exhale through the mouth. When leaving, feel the stomach moving inwards, with the hands held in your stomach. Take out your breath.
Do this 3-5 times.

Morning Exercise: No need for very heavy exercise. Very few free hand exercises or 5 minutes walk will increase blood circulation. As a result, the tiredness caused by not sleeping at night will be greatly reduced.