Apple’s Mac Pro is coming to the market in December

Apple is officially preparing to release the Mac Pro in the market. The powerful desktop computer Mac Pro was spotted at Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference. It was reported that by the end of the year, the computer will be brought to market. The AK, iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro have not been seen in the market yet.

This time, the MacBook Pro received an exemption from the Federal Communications Commission of the United States. So Apple may announce the launch of the MacBook Pro soon. It is expected that the Mac Pro will come to the market before December 22.

MacBook Pro has 8 core Xeon processors, 32GB RAM, Radion Pro 580X graphics card and 265GB storage and 8 PCIe expansion slots for use in the workplace. Prices start from $ 6000 (Tk 5 lakh 4 thousand).

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump will visit MacBook Pro’s factory in Austin next Wednesday.

The tariff is set to begin on December 15 on Apple products produced in China. If the 10 percent tariff is fixed, the price of Apple products will go up. Earlier, Apple may have benefited by applying for a reduction in tariffs on a factory visit to Trump’s Mac Pro.