If coach want, I will also play against Uruguay: Messi

Lionel Messi won the squad for the three-month ban after returning to Brazil against the ever-competing Brazilian. Argentina scored a 1-0 victory over Saudi Arabia in the face of two Latin powers. Argentina played on the defensive in the second half, but played very conservative football in the first half of the match. The spacing might have been widened if it hadn’t wasted some easy opportunities.

After the match, Messi’s voice relaxed. The words of the coach were satisfied with his strategy.’We wanted to play in the first half. We weren’t too sharp and they created some opportunities. But in the second half, we made a lot of improvements. I think this defensive tactic has given us a lot. It’s good to play with different tactics, “said the Argentine captain.

Argentina will be fielding again on November 7. In this international friendly match held in Tel Aviv, the capital of Israel, the opposition of Albiselstad, Latin power Uruguay. Messi, who has a great rhythm against Brazil, also wants to play against Uruguay.

He said that when you win, you can work very quietly. These wins will be very positive for the days ahead. I finished the game well. We all ran a lot. If you want a coach, I’ll play Monday (Tuesday) as well. The win against Brazil and everyone else is always great.